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Just Believe
Anonymous: When was the first time you let someone cum in you? 

The first time I had sex

Anonymous: I've been jerking to your photos and im pretty close, please can I cum for you miss ? 

Yes sir

Anonymous: Have you masturbated yet today? How was it if so? And how many guys have you fucked in total? 

I did today in the shower and it was nice but short. And I’ve had sex with 14 people. :)

Anonymous: Do you like to taste yourself? ;) 


Anonymous: Have any pics of you being titty fucked or maybe your tits covered in cum :)? 

Nope I don’t.

Anonymous: nice pussy. would you prefer it is i slowly put my cock in there, or force it in? 

Slow at first then pound me

Anonymous: Got any toys you can show us ? ;p 

Nope I can’t afford any haha! So annoying

Anonymous: A lot of your anons seem to focus on the sexual side to you and ignore the fact that you still deserve to be treated like a lady! With that being said, what would be your ideal first date? and what can a guy do to win you over? 

Haha yes well that’s what I have to expect I suppose but it is nice to get normal questions now and then :) hmm a first date. Well I love the beach and cars so maybe a nice park up spot by the beach with some fish and chips and a beer or something along those lines. And for a guy to win me over he needs to be respectful and fun and outgoing and want to do awesome things with me like go to car drifting or racing or drags and be exciting and fun in the bedroom :) also being romantic sometimes with flowers or little gifts :)

Anonymous: Have you ever throated someone to get something? Or used you tits to get something? 


Anonymous: Fucking hell that full nude... wish I knew you and could pound the shit out of you if you wanted it! 

I would probably want it haha

Anonymous: No hate here!I find you very sexy! 

Aw thanks :)

Anonymous: can we see your clit? and you masturbating? 

One day soon

Anonymous: dont be self conscious about the full body shot. its sexy. i would start by kissing your neck and kissing slowly down your chest, slowly down your gorgeous side boob, under and round back up to your sweet nipple and softly bite it. i would kiss down your panty line until i find your clit and prod it with my tongue 

Hehe he’s please.. And thank you