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Just Believe
Anonymous: Really nice Blog. You have a great body and a really pretty face. Have a nice weekend. 

Thank you kind anon :) you too!

Anonymous: Weow !!! i cant think of anything that would feel better that putting my dick between those amazing boos of yours. like wow you are so amazingly hot. any slim chance you have a snapchat ? 

Hehe :p

Anonymous: Hello pretty Lydia ,thanks for sharing Your pictures at this Blog.You have a nice body and also a pretty face. In one word: sympathic. I was here to take a look and hm... I got horny...Wish you much nice followers and a great Day. Greetings 

Thank you. Glad you enjoy :)

Anonymous: Would love to see a pic of the top of your tits covered in cum or perhaps pics of you being titty fucked! 


Anonymous: Do you ever go out with out panties? 

Yes I do. But only if I have pants on. Cause otherwise it feels weird hehe :p

Anonymous: What are you doing in your new job? 

Just carrying on my career in hairdressing :)

Anonymous: With the wishlist I meant: a posting from you where you have had a wishlist. Like on amazon. 

No I don’t have one but I was thinking of getting one. Why do you ask?

Anonymous: Have you ever flashed your tits in public? 

Yes I have. A few times. It’s so much fun haha. I did it years ago though when I had a nice body and was a silly teenager lol